Fuck Your Dreams Zine Vol. 1

Exactly one month ago today, Fuck Your Dreams Zine released our first print volume!  Fuck Your Dreams is a zine that explores the themes of death, decay, and destruction.  When we started work on this a year ago, we could not predict how relevant our apocalyptic doom baby zine would become in 2020.  Featuring artwork by our 22 talented contributors, this color, 50-page zine also has original artwork from Olivia Deng and myself sprinkled throughout.  Head over to the website to buy a copyWe also have buttons, stickers, and 13”x19” borderless prints up for sale!

Last Sip of the Oligarchs

My first large piece completed under COVID-19 home isolation.  April, 2020.  36”x48” paint marker, spray paint, acrylic jewels on plexiglass.  

A communist alien chooses to reside on Earth and reports back home about the planet’s strange, destructive creatures.

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