Stella Shrine

Back in December 2020, my good friend Steph, who makes art as nurselog, commissioned a shrine to represent feminine energy.  She wanted a piece that would celebrate the complexities and beauty of bodies and the freedom to choose what is right for your own.  Within a couple weeks, I found the perfect base statue at my local Savers (see the “before” photo), and so - Stella came into being.  This was my first time special-ordering rhinestones for an individual shrine and it was very worth it.  It was only appropriate to leave nothing to chance (and everything to choice) for such a piece.  My favorite details on Stella are at the “watery” base, representing the fluidity of the human body/being.  Included in the image set is a process photo featuring my dear assistant, my kitten Doomsday Ramone.

Check out the “Shrines” tab under the “Visual Art” dropdown in the menu for more new shrines that I finally posted on here!

Basement Show

Just before 2020 ended, I revisited and completed an old film project from 2008.  It’s an experimental film shot on super8 with a flashlight taped to the camera.  Hand-processed in buckets, blown up to 16mm with effects using an optical printer, and hand-processed in buckets again.  The images/sound are from a basement show at FFA, in Boston, MA, on 11/24/2008.  Female Trouble, Kill Conrad, Off With Their Heads, & The Kill Boys are the bands that played.

Though the piece was finished digitally, I still feel that the film used to shoot it and re-photograph it was absolutely necessary in capturing the dirty, wild mess of a typical basement show.

Fuck Your Dreams Zine Vol. 1

Exactly one month ago today, Fuck Your Dreams Zine released our first print volume!  Fuck Your Dreams is a zine that explores the themes of death, decay, and destruction.  When we started work on this a year ago, we could not predict how relevant our apocalyptic doom baby zine would become in 2020.  Featuring artwork by our 22 talented contributors, this color, 50-page zine also has original artwork from Olivia Deng and myself sprinkled throughout.  Head over to the website to buy a copyWe also have buttons, stickers, and 13”x19” borderless prints up for sale!

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